How to Get Rid of Google Assistant [4 Methods]

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How to Get Rid of Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a valuable addition to every Android device. This virtual helper can be very useful especially in our smart homes. However, it would often respond to us in the most unexpected situations. When incidents like these happen, we’d rather get rid of the Google Assistant for good.

Did you know that Google Assistant is silently listening to you? Sometimes, it would suddenly start to answer questions that you didn’t think you asked. Awkward situations like this could trigger Android users to turn off Google Assistant and take a break from it temporarily.

When this virtual helper becomes too much to handle, here are the ways on how you can disable Google Assistant on your Android phone.

4 Methods on How to Get Rid of Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

You might have encountered a lot of talks on how to get rid of Google Assistant but none of them seem to work. The thing is, you cannot delete the Google Assistant. All you can do is disable this feature. We have enumerated some steps which can help you deactivate the Google Assistant on your phone.

Please bear in mind that these steps vary from one phone manufacturer to another. Your LG will not have the same interface as the Samsung phone. Nevertheless, you can follow these steps and find similar commands on your Android device. If the first one doesn’t work for you, you can try the succeeding steps.

  1. Instructing Google Assistant to Turn Itself Off

    remove google assistant

    “Ok Google, Turn Yourself Off”

    Disabling Google Assistant can be as easy as saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google” and telling it to turn itself off. If you have assigned another trigger word for Google Assistant to launch, say your magic words instead of the standard “OK Google” or “Hey Google”.

    Nevertheless, doing so might not fully disable the Google Assistant. Some reported that it still continues to pop-up, asking the user to enable it again after inserting their headphones.

  2. Turn Off Google Assistant on Google App

    Google App Icon

    Google App Icon

    You can also disable your Google Assistant right on the Google App.

    1. Open Google App
    2. Tap “More
    3. Tap “Settings
    4. Tap “Google Assistant
    5. Scroll on the devices where you’ve enabled your Google Assistant. Toggle Off.
  3. Turn Off Google Assistant Using the Home Button

    android home button

    Android Home Button

    1. Touch and hold the “Home” button
    2. Tap “Explore
    3. Tap “More” (or the Menu Bar which is usually represented by 3 dots)
    4. Select “Settings
    5. Select “Phone
    6. Toggle Google Assistant Off
  4. Deactivate Google Assistant on your Phone’s Settings

    Android Phone Settings Icon

    Phone Settings Icons

    1. Go to your phone’s Settings Menu
    2. Tap on “Phone
    3. Toggle disable Google Assistant
    4. Go to “Voice” and turn off “Voice Recognition

    Alternatively, on some devices, you can try the following.

    1. Select “Settings
    2. Select “Systems & Devices
    3. Select “Additional Settings
    4. It should have the “Shortcuts” option. Select it and go to Launch Google Assistant. Select “None

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get rid of Google Assistant on the Home button?

    If your Home button is always triggering your Google Assistant to pop-up, you can change or disable the Home button function. This isn’t a permanent solution to get rid of the Google Assistant. But at least, it can refrain from talking inside your pocket.

    Change the launch app on your Home Button

    1. Select the “Settings” menu
    2. Select “Applications
    3. Select “Default Applications
    4. Select “Device Assistant
  2. How do I stop Google Assistant from listening?

    If you want to turn off Google Assistant from listening to you but you still want to use it by typing your questions, you can follow these steps.

    1. Select “Settings
    2. Select “Google Assistant
    3. Select “Microphone
    4. Toggle “Off

“Hey, Google” We’ve Had Enough

While we all agree that Google Assistant can be a great help at times, especially on smart homes, there will come a time that we won’t be needing this virtual assistant anymore. Maybe Google needs to work out on this AI’s glitches, like the annoying notification to turn the Google Assistant back on after you’ve disabled it.

Remember, getting rid of Google Assistant could vary from one phone to another. You might have to play around with your phone’s settings to get this right.

Google Pixelbook

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Did you try to disable your Google Assistant recently? Did any of our methods work for you? Do you know any other methods on how to turn off the Google Assistant? Let’s help one another and share it with us in the comments section below!

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