5 Best NBC Apps for Android

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NBC has delivered some of the hottest shows and news segments in its broadcasting history. And with the help of a dedicated NBC app for Android, you will be able to enjoy all the content right from your device.

Gone are the days of cable TV. Streaming apps have become a popular choice of people who are always on the go. Not only is it convenient, but streaming apps also provide you with timely news and local alerts, making them extremely useful.

We’ve shown you the best TV apps in the past. Now, let’s see the best NBC streaming apps for people who love them.

5 Best NBC Apps for Android

Take a look at these NBC apps for Android and indulge in unlimited news and entertainment all day long.

Do note that most of the apps included in our list are free.

  1. NBC News: Breaking News, US News & Live Video

    NBC News

    NBC News, one of the best news apps, provides you with up-to-the-minute updates, in-depth reporting, and exclusive interviews. It has a sophisticated user interface and has a reliable booting, so the news loads up pretty fast.

    NBC News1

    This is the news!

    The NBC News app includes videos, slideshows, and useful news articles. It cleverly downloads stories automatically so you can keep reading them even if you go offline.


    • A clean “Metro” tile-based interface
    • Loads and streams fast
    • High-quality videos and images

    Notable Feature:

    What’s best about this news app is its split-screen option. This great for playing a video while you simultaneously reading news articles. This replicates the feel of “watching” TV while reading the morning newspaper.

    Google Play

  2. NBC Nightly News

    NBC Nightly News

    NBC Nightly News has one of the best-looking interfaces we have seen on an NBC app for Android. This app aims to boost readability and give readers a clear picture of what is happening in real-time. It is by far the fastest and most reliable news app that serves the latest breaking news.

    NBC Nightly News1

    The news served as they come.

    Users will be able to catch up on previously broadcasted news, watch exclusive online videos, or watch segments from the Nightly News. It also allows its users to contribute to market research by giving Nielsen’s TV Ratings. You can even share news and events with your friends via Twitter, Email, or Facebook.


    • An amazing UI and immensely readable interface.
    • Watch news segments or whole broadcast
    • One of the best news apps that lets you watch exclusive videos

    Notable Feature:

    The app has a proximity alert system. This means the app can inform its user of breaking news happening in your immediate proximity.

    Google Play

  3. NBC Sports Radio

    NBC Sports Radio

    There is nothing better than driving your car or riding your bike while listening to the radio. Sure, you can listen to music with these great free apps but you may want to catch up on sports as well. This is where NBC Sports Radio app comes into play.

    NBC Sports Radio1

    Listen to the latest sports news.

    The NBC Sports app provides valuable information about the sports world. It streams 24/7 so no matter what the time is, you can be updated with the latest sports news happenings.

    The app also has listener interaction features, bios and social media integration. Install this NBC news app on your Android device and listen to compelling interviews, hard-hitting opinions and detailed analysis.


    • Minimalistic interface
    • Streams fast without unnecessary buffering
    • A large army of personalities

    Notable Feature:

    This NBC streaming app is constantly updated with new content. There are a few reruns of shows but they are generally interviews and are opinion-based. The news is fresh and broadcasted with radio listeners in mind.

    Google Play

  4. The NBC App

    NBC Livestream App

    The NBC App will let you watch the latest episodes of the ongoing NBC shows and classic hits anytime. This NBC streaming app gives you access to over hundreds of TV series and international and local news.

    Whether you are a fan of the classic hits or newly released TV series, this app has all of it for you. You can even make use of the NBC live stream by linking your Android device to your TV service provider.


    • Solid performer and streamer.
    • Sophisticated user interface.
    • Up-to-date episodes of your favorite NBC TV series.

    Notable Feature:

    You can save whole stories and even videos with only one press of a button and watch it whenever you like.

    Google Play

  5. Today

    Today App

    Today is perhaps one of the most popular shows around and its official NBC app for Android gives you all the content right in your grasp. This NBC streaming app allows you to get the latest entertainment and news in one place.

    Because you’ll always love Today.

    This app also enables its users to view the videos offline and has a split-screen functionality.


    • Solid performer and streamer.
    • Watch videos and browse content at the same time.
    • Updated user interface.

    Notable Feature:

    You can save whole stories and even videos with only one press of a button and watch it whenever you like.

    Google Play

People Also Asked:

  • How do I download NBC apps if I’m outside the US?

If you are outside the US, it might not be surprising to know that NBC will not be available for you. To access NBC apps, you will need to have a VPN installed on your Android device. Simply run the VPN, choose the USA on the list of countries available and connect. Note that free VPNs will not be able to connect you to a certain country unless you purchase their premium account.

  • My NBC App for Android is not Working!

There are many factors why your app isn’t working. It could be because the app itself is defective. It could also be because of your internet connection. Whatever the reason might be, you can try these steps to reconnect your NBC app.

  1. Close the app fully
  2. Check your internet connection. Try reconnecting to your network by disabling and enabling your Wi-Fi
  3. Clear cache data
  4. Run the app again

If it still doesn’t work, try installing the app once more.

  • Is there a free NBC app for Amazon device users?

Yes. You can check Amazon AppStore for all the NBC apps available for Amazon device users.

News and Entertainment Right at Your Fingertips

Sure, the apps can hardly replace a good old-fashioned TV but if you are on the go and need to stay connected with the large world of NBC, this is the best way to go.

Do you love streaming NBC shows? Do you have any NBC news or sports app to recommend? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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